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Kit Hire

Let Us Worry About Your Kit

At our York and Harrogate Dive Centres, we have a range of equipment at your disposal for you to hire. Whether you need kit for a one off trip, or you need to hire something for a full week, we can provide the right package for you. Our hire kit is made up of the leading manufactures including Cressi, Oceanic, Aqualung and Scubapro.

Kit Daily Rate Weekend Week
Full kit, with drysuit (no computer) £30.00 £45.00 £90.00
Full kit, with semidry suit (no computer) £25.00 £40.00  £80.00 
12 litre cylinder £7.50  £12.00  £25.00 
15 litre cylinder £8.50  £14.00  £30.00 
Regulator set £8.00  £13.00  £30.00 
BCD £6.00  £10.00  £20.00 
Semi dry with boots, hood and gloves £15.00  £22.50  £40.00 
Drysuit, incuding undersuit, hose, gloves and hood* £20.00  £30.00 £50.00 
Mask/snorkel £2.50  £4.00  £7.50 
Fins £2.50  £4.00  £7.50 
Weight belt £3.00  £5.00  £7.50 
Dive computer £10.00  £15.00  £25.00 

In order to hire dive equipment we will require evidence of a diving qualification or a letter from an instructor confirming that you are undertaking scuba training.

Diving in a drysuit requires specialist training and we will require evidence of experience of diving with a drysuit, or a letter from an instructor confirming you are undertaking drysuit training in order to hire a drysuit.

You are responsible for the dive equipment that you hire whilst it is with you and will be required to pay for any loss or damage to equipment (excluding normal wear and tear).

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