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Begin, advance and continue your diving with us!


At Overland Underwater Training we have a large team of professionally trained Instructors and Divemasters who have a wealth of experience in snorkelling, scuba diving and instructing.
We offer a friendly personal service with low ratios of students to instructors. Our instructors will offer you all the support that you need to gain your qualification and we undertake to provide any extra training that is required to help you gain your qualification without any additional cost to yourself.
We aim to make your course a safe and enjoyable experience. We offer a comprehensive range of PADI scuba programs suitable for all ages and experience levels, once you have gained your scuba qualification put your skills to the test... 

 Close up of scuba diver underwater

Start Diving

Whether you have tried scuba diving on holiday or just dreamt about exploring exotic destinations and learning about the underwater world, starting your scuba journey couldn't be easier. 

Continue Diving

If you are already a diver and would like to gain more knowledge in a specific speciality, improve your skills or be able to dive deeper for longer, we have the right courses for you.

First Aid Kit

Go Pro

Do you want to be a professional in a hobbie which you love?
As a PADI Divemaster or Instructor you will enjoy a rewarding career and be able to pass on your knowledge and expertise to others.

First Aid

These courses in first aid are for divers and non divers alike and, we offer a range of courses that will help you be able to help others in a time of need.

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