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Who we are


Overland Underwater is a PADI Five Star Recreational Facility based in York established in 2001 by a dedicated team focused on bringing the best diving service to North Yorkshire.

A full range of PADI scuba diving courses from taster session right through to Instructor Level Training is available alongside any equipment servicing you may need and First Aid courses.

They pride themselves on offering a professional and friendly service and will give you all the support you need to gain your scuba diving qualification.

Why PADI you may ask? PADI is the worlds leading scuba diver training organization with more than 6,000 PADI dive centres and Resorts around the world and we are proud to be one of those.

The PADI courses are based on skills, safety and local knowledge and are given to students in manageable stages and ensure that mastery of skills is achieved before heading to open water.


Overland Underwater knows that diving is a social sport and would love to welcome you to their community. Their dive club runs regular dive trips to locations around the UK such as Capernwray, the Farne Islands, St Abbs, amongst others. They also run trips abroad with a couple of club holidays  each year. Recent destinations have included The Maldives, Egypt and Thailand. 

As a member you will get to know other divers, make new friends and open the door to lots more diving opportunities.   Club membership is open to all qualified divers from any diving agency, so sign up now to become part of the family..  

Everyone at Overland Underwater 

Dive Team

Greg Castle


I have been diving for many years and it still fascinates me about how many creatures there are and how many are yet to discover.


Rob Arc


I have been diving for many years and love the feeling of weightlessness underwater and exploring places only few get to adventure to. Now I get to teach people so they can have this experience too.


Paul Horner


Diving is amazing, you get to see so many wonderful things that you could never imagine.


Charlotte Castle


I love the peace and tranquillity diving brings and being able to help others experience that is such an amazing feeling.

IMG-20230109-WA0005 (1).jpg

Deb Davies


From the first moment I put my head underwater at my DSD I was transported to a place so amazing, so calm and peaceful and that was before I saw the beauty the ocean holds, I became an instructor so I could help others to see a world only open to those who Scuba, such a happy, beautiful, calming yet exhilarating world, my happy place.


Neil Puckering


Being underwater is a clam and beautiful place no matter where you are in the world and I wanted to become an instructor so that I could be part give other people the opportunity to be apart of that world too.


Helen Power

Assistant Instructor

Absolutely fell in love with diving many years ago - something which I have always wanted to do from childhood. The Red Sea feels like my second home. I just love the peace and quiet, and of course those curious sharks that come and say hello.

Ash Horwitz


Assistant Instructor

Diving has been one of the most amazing adventures of my life.

The world that we get to be part of is mesmerising and you could enter that world too.

Can't wait to see you there!


Tom Wiggins


Above the water, I dive because it allows me to meet like minded people and discover incredible new places. Below the water I dive because being underwater strips back what matters and what doesn't doesn't, which is great for calm and for focus!


Steve Barnett


I came to diving when I was 40 diving mostly in Cyprus and the UK. 

After becoming a Divemaster and recently moving to Yorkshire I want to explore more of the UK dive sites and help others explore too.

Adrian Pomfret



Why do I dive?

For me it is the best way to destress and forget all but what you are doing in the now. These are such different worlds to be seen and shared, you have all seen the small Blue Planet on TV so now come and see it for real. Scuba diving is a social sport to be enjoyed by everyone, there is no can't in scuba so come, jump in and share the experience.


Harry Pomfret


Watching Planet Earth when I was 6 made me wanted to go and see the underwater world for myself. I can still remember my first dive. I want to be able to give that experience to other people and help welcome them to our beautiful underwater world.


Amy Metcalfe


Since I was six, walking along the beach in Florida, I became fascinated with the ocean, marine life, finding interesting shells and crustaceans.  I get to see amazing marine life up close and would love to be involved in marine rescue and conservation in the future.

Rowan Routledge


Divemaster Trainee

I love the freedom that comes with diving, being opened up to a whole new world. Exploring places most people don’t see. 


Lorna West

Divemaster Trainee

At 14, I tried scuba diving on the holiday  Ibiza and I was hooked!  I love seeing the joy and awe in new divers and experienced divers reigniting their passion for diving and i want to help people achieve that by becoming an instructor.

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