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Unforgettable aquatic adventures for kids

The SSI Explorers program is an incredible opportunity for children as young as six to dive into the underwater world and discover the wonders of the ocean. With a focus on ocean conservation, they'll not only have a blast, but also develop a strong foundation in protecting our marine ecosystems. From snorkeling to scuba diving, freediving to swimming like a mermaid, these young explorers will experience it all. And the adventure doesn't stop there! They can further expand their knowledge with specialty courses like marine mammal ecology and underwater photography and many more!

Join the club...

SSI Explorers is an incredible program that takes kids' diving to a whole new level. With the guidance of qualified SSI Explorers Instructors, your child will have the opportunity to participate in snorkeling, mermaid, freediving, and scuba in a safe and controlled environment. The comprehensive printed Explorers manual is not only informative but also engaging, with colorful cartoon drawings and authentic ocean images that will captivate your young audience.

Emma and Nico will be their underwater guides, leading them on exciting adventures while teaching them important knowledge and skills. Spike the shark will be their trusty equipment expert, and Shelly the sea turtle will champion the ocean environment. It's a fun and interactive way for children to learn about the underwater world.

The SSI Explorers Club is like no other and is perfect for any child who wants to explore the wonders of the ocean in a safe and educational manner. It's a program that combines fun and learning, ensuring that your child has a memorable and enriching experience.

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                                    The Explorers program is a fantastic offline                                        learning experience that encourages children to                                directly engage with the marine environment. It's all                          about hands-on interaction, not virtual experiences. As kids              grow older, they can take their skills to a whole new level with            our digital courses. SSI Scuba Explorers makes diving simple and      fun for kids, while SSI Mermaid Explorers lets them swim like real mermaids and improve their swimming skills. And for those who want to dive deeper and hold their breath longer, SSI Freediving Explorers offers a relaxed and encouraging environment.

Whats in the manual?

  • Quizzes for deepening knowledge

  • Engaging challenges after each chapter

  • Sticker sheet for sign-off

  • Fun colouring pages

  • Logbook to capture underwater adventures

The SSI Explorers program is a fantastic way to introduce
your children to the wonders of the ocean while teaching
them the importance of protecting it. They'll dive into the world
of Blue Oceans Explorers, discovering why the oceans are so vital
and learning about the five magnificent oceans that make up our
planet. And the best part? They'll also discover how they can personally
make a difference in preserving these precious ecosystems.

But that's not all! Once they've mastered the basics, they can take their skills to the
next level and become a Snorkel Explorer. They'll learn all about snorkel equipment
and get the chance to explore the underwater world in a confined water environment.
It's a thrilling adventure that will leave them wanting more.

And speaking of more, the SSI Explorers program offers three exciting aquatic adventures to choose from. Your young explorer can become a Scuba Explorer, diving into the
depths with scuba gear. Or they can embrace their inner mermaid and become a Mermaid Explorer, exploring the ocean with a monofin. And for those who want
to challenge themselves even further, they can become a Freediving
Explorer, diving deep on a single breath.

The possibilities are endless, and your child can choose to earn one,
two, or even all three ratings. It's an incredible opportunity to
discover the ocean's wonders, gain valuable skills,
and become a true champion for our blue planet.


Even more fun!

Not only is the fun endless, but SSI Explorers can also embark on a plethora of underwater adventures to earn a whopping 22 different Specialty Explorer ratings. These ratings provide the opportunity to enhance their explorer skills through captivating specialties such as Underwater Model Explorer, Rescue Explorer, Shark Ecology Explorer, and Search and Recovery Explorer, just to name a few.

Wait, that's not all! SSI Explorers receive recognition for their accomplishments in the form of Explorers recognition cards, which they can proudly display, share, and show off to their friends.



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